Check out these 20 nursery design tips BEFORE you begin decorating your baby's room

Nursery room with pink-peach accents, crib, image of pandas holding balloons

Looking for inspiration for decorating a nursery? Undoubtedly, one of the most exciting—and, let's be honest, anxiety-inducing—milestones life has to offer is preparing for the arrival of a new bundle of joy into your family. However, you must arrange a whole nursery room in between choosing a name, completing adoption paperwork, and even passing your Lamaze class. No pressure, right?

Despite the fact that there are many shops and websites to browse for ideas, you have to admit that nursery decor sometimes runs the danger of looking ... tacky (gasp!).

The industry has made significant advancements toward a contemporary future, from more flexible maternity (and paternity!) leave to healthy baby meals; unfortunately, nursery decor appears to be stuck in the past.

Obviously a nursery has a purpose beyond just being aesthetically pleasing; it is also a place where your baby will feed, sleep, cry, crawl, and require numerous diaper changes. However, it doesn't necessary follow that your nursery design should be uninteresting!

You're dedicated to creating a chic, tranquil haven in your home because you enjoy design. Why then should the decor in your nursery be any different? Your teeny little bundle of joy deserves nothing less than the best, including some very gorgeous nursery furnishings.

So, we looked to the experts to help you master the delicate art of nursery decorating. These professionals undoubtedly know a thing or two about creating a beautiful space, whether they started their own baby brands or created nurseries for A-list clients. scroll down.


Nursery Tip No. 1: Getting to The Art of the Matter

Nursery room with a wooden crib, brass chandelier, green leaf wall mural, and framed prints of baby animals blowing pink bubblegum bubbles

📸 @christina_cravero

We understand the lure of adorable wall decals for nursery decor. They add a layer of detail to a plain or painted wall, are non-committal, and you can replace them as your child's interests change. Consider pushing this trend to the next level with floor-to-ceiling wall murals. The result is far more impressive and complex.

If you still have some time before your baby is born, use your DIY skills and make your own mural.


Nursery Tip No. 2: Thoroughly Modern

A nursery room with contemporary furniture

If modern interiors are your preferred style, you don't need to sacrifice that aesthetic in your baby's nursery. Modern shelves and geometric cribs are just as useful as their more conventional equivalents, but they can sometimes be a little more elegant. The nursery can be a room that you like being in just as much as your child does, and it can be a natural extension of your house.


Nursery Tip No. 3: A cherished momentary theme

Nursery room with a little baby girl and her golden retriever dog in the foreground. Framed prints of baby animals in the background on the wall above the crib.

Just because you have a theme for your young one's nursery doesn't mean everything in the room needs to include this theme. A single image or collection of animal prints put on the wall might provide a subtle reference to a beloved zoo or Old MacDonald's farm.


Nursery Tip No. 4: Go deep

Nursery room with deep navy walls and a pink rug, pink botanical artwork on wall

Let's face it, baby blue or pale pink paint for a nursery feels so dated. Try these hues in darker shades if you want to maintain the pink and blue heritage without having your nursery décor feel too plain. For example, using millennial pink or deep navy is a contemporary approach to pay homage to vintage nurseries.


Nursery Tip No. 5: Antique & Authentic

Nursery room with a framed print of a highland cow above the crib, antique rocking chair, subdued pink and blue colors

When I had my first child, I strolled around my home, checked around the garage, and sure enough, found amazing things that I could include into my nursery design. One particular item was an antique rocking chair, which was not only utilitarian and helpful but also a wonderful beautiful item. Finding stuff you already possess and love is a terrific way to save money while adding personality to your nursery.


Nursery Tip No. 6: Safety & Security First

Neutral nursery room with a black crib and three framed baby animal prints

The nursery will be where your little one will spend the majority of its waking (and sleeping) hours, so it's crucial to design a place that balances form and function.

My attitude has always been to put safety first before beauty. Therefore, even if you want to design a beautiful area, be sure that the decisions you're making are the most secure for your developing child. Sharp things and delicate materials shouldn't be used in your nursery's decor. Instead, focus on fun, child-safe design concepts.


Nursery Tip No. 7: Mirror, mirror

Baby girl's nursery room with a pink tent, animal prints on walls, and a mirror over dresser

📸 @tiffanyvulau 

Adding a wall mirror somewhere in the nursery is a sure way to add functionality and style with one piece. This often overlooked décor piece can be your best friend as both entertainment and mommy’s little helper. Babies love to look in the mirror so it gives you the opportunity for a little play time after changing a diaper or before nap time.

Speaking of nap time, if your babe has fallen asleep on your shoulder and you aren’t quite certain they have truly passed out – just take a peek in the mirror to confirm!


Nursery Tip No. 8: Customize

A child's room with an IKEA dresser with custom DIY wooden car drawer pulls and six framed car prints on the wall

Customization isn't just for experienced designers, and it's not always more expensive. For the nursery pictured above, we crafted custom drawer pull knobs from inexpensive wooden car toys by simply gluing the toys onto a basic flat drawer knob. It's a delightful addition to this little car-lover's nursery room, and so easy to accomplish.


Nursery Tip No. 9: Texture

A deep-hued nursery with animal prints framed on the wall

📸 @anniquevdvalk 

Keep texture front and center. Make sure that it is soft and durable for babies, whether it is the rug or the floor cushions. When the infant starts to move about a bit more, soft poufs are nice, and crawling days are great for thick, high-pile rugs!

Keep everything in the same color family if you want to employ different textures in your nursery design. A white crocheted throw blanket and a fake sheepskin rug, for instance, will give your otherwise minimalist area some depth and warmth.


Nursery Tip No. 10: All Dressed Up

White dresser with framed artwork on the surface.

Dressers have grown in popularity since they can be used as a changing table as well as a place to keep everything else. Some even have a top for a changing table that is attachable and has a lip around it. 

Speaking of multifunctional items, a store's children's section works well for other home décor styles as well. In actuality, it's stuffed with wonderful items that grownups can utilize in their own cramped places.


Nursery Tip No. 11: Play with Color

Nursery room with green wainscoting and colorful wallpaper, a pink rocking chair in corner, a white dresser and baby animal prints above it on the wall

There's no need to be scared of a little color. While neutrals are a terrific place to start, it's also crucial to sometimes add a burst of color. For a peaceful and simple night, it's crucial to surround the crib with calming hues, but feel free to have some fun with colorful toy bins, play mats, etc.


Nursery Tip No. 12: Keep necessities within reach

A nursery room with a dresser with changing table and supplies and framed baby animal prints on ledges above the dresser.

Keep necessities close to the diaper changing table. Nothing is worse than finding yourself in the middle of a diaper change and realizing the wipes are across the room on the floor. Once infants master rolling, it quickly becomes one of their favorite activities. To making diaper changes short and simple, keep wipes, ointment, plenty of diapers, and a toy to occupy the child nearby.


Nursery Tip No. 13: Make a Statement

Nursery room with arched feature behind crib with floral wallpaper, bunny rabbit prints on wall, crib 

Making a statement with nursery design can be a paradox. On the one hand, you want something that is as lively and lovable as your child. However, painted murals might become outdated more quickly than your child can pronounce "Dada."

The answer? temporary wall coverings This peel-and-stick alternative gives any room some much-needed life, but you can change it whenever you choose.


Nursery Tip No. 14: Be Shady

Nursery with animal prints
One crucial piece of advice? Make sure the room can be darkened, since this is crucial to ensuring your baby sleeps properly. For any sort of sleeper, blackout shades are a terrific investment—especially for young children who want to nap during the day. 

Nursery Tip No. 15: Colorful Carpet

Nursery room with white walls and pink carpet and framed highland cow print above crib

📸 @tladoyle

Rugs are the integrative element in a room, integrating the furniture, décor, and atmosphere of a space. Replace your traditional rug with a more modern one. More so than just switching a table or a pair of chairs, the alteration will take place immediately.

Looking to upgrade the nursery's design with a rug? Be audacious. Your child will grin when you choose a rug with a cheerful color or pattern, but you can easily switch it out for a more understated design when they become older.

Nursery Tip No. 16: Sit your Butt Down in Something Soft

Nursery room with grey crib and comfy cozy rocking chair


A highly comfortable nursery chair for feeding the baby is one of the most essential nursery decoration items. Make sure you have a chair that matches your stature well and will be pleasant for those early morning feedings. Purchase a chair that can be transferred to a different section of the house, such as the family room or master bedroom, as a high-quality chair may be quite an investment.

Choose a fabric that won't be too nursery-specific and will look well in other parts of the house while keeping this potential usage in mind. The nursery chair is frequently used in nurseries for several generations of siblings. Therefore, for long-lasting comfort and usage, invest in high-quality furniture with neutral fabrics.


Nursery Tip No. 17: Be Natural

Child's bedroom with twin beds and wood plank walls, picture of a rabbit on the wall

Consider avoiding detailed murals that use nursery rhyme or storybook characters. The three most popular themes right now are arrows, teepees, and forest/woodland animals. If not too "cartoony," these themes may easily shift from a toddler's playroom to a teenager's hangout.

Changing themes may easily be included into an outdoor picture with the countryside, blue skies, grass, and trees. With outdoor themes as a backdrop, various interests like dinosaurs, camping, etc. may accommodate both boys and girls throughout their developmental stages."


Nursery Tip No. 18: Sensible Storage

Nursery room with storage, baby animal prints, crib

Typically, the smallest bedroom in the house is the location of the vast majority of nurseries. Some are genuinely dual-purpose rooms where baby furniture must make place for office or guest room furnishings. Regardless of the intended usage, parents to take into account built-in wall units for compact bedrooms.

Bedrooms of any size may gain from the inclusion of built-in wall units and window seats with cupboards at the base, which can store toys or blankets while offering a comfortable spot for reading.


Nursery Tip No. 19: Gallery Wall Galore

Nursery room with crib and gallery wall of baby animal prints

📸 @littleseedskids 

Add a gallery wall to your nursery's decor for a bold impact. This is not simply a wonderful method to spruce up your nursery - it is a lovely chance to highlight all of your favorite subjects. Additionally, you may frame your child's finger paintings as they become older and make a mixed-media gallery wall with them. Although a unified design of a gallery wall is always a good look, you can also channel your inner maximalist by combining different types of frames. 


Nursery Tip No. 20: Nurture your Design

A neutral nursery room with a bold carpet, white crib, and six baby animal prints on the wall

📸 @lawsondreamteam@stylishproductions

Design a space that will develop with your child. Consider ensuring that your nursery décor can withstand the test of time because, in a heartbeat, you will be moving on to parenting a toddler.

Incorporate whimsical accents but try to keep the larger items like carpets, wall color, or wallpaper in designs that are not too babyish. Use changing tables that double as dressers, cribs that change into toddler beds, and keep lots of open room for play.


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