5 Reasons Why These Baby Animal Prints Will Transform Your Child's Room

Photo: @thecrownprints / African Safari Animals

1. They're adorable.

Simple as that. Jenny has been creating her stunning baby animals since 2015. Her ability to create photographic illustrations and compositions that highlight an animal's charming spirit has been celebrated in children's rooms around the world. You've never seen baby animals like these.

Photo: @djthegolden / The Baby Animals Collection

2. They promote empathy.

Studies have shown that interaction with animals makes us happier and healthier. When children care about animals, they care about protecting them. This means the animals themselves and their habitats. Exposure to animals could foster a love of the planet and protecting it and the living things that inhabit it.

Photo: @__anastasia / The Baby Animals Collection

3. Children love interacting with them.

From saying "good morning" to each animal friend when the sun comes up, to "good night" when the sun goes down, parents are constantly telling us just how much their little ones adore their furry friends. Kids can't help but smile when they see them!

Photo: Somer Style Living / The Baby Animals Collection

4. We have thousands of 5-star reviews.

From Etsy to our website, thecrownprints.com, we've received over 6,000 five-star reviews from happy customers who have displayed our baby animals in their homes. Many customers come back to purchase more to add to their collection, or a different style - for instance, animals with flower crowns for a new baby sister! We're proud to stand by the quality of our particularly unique baby animal artwork.

Photo: The Crown Prints / The Baby Animals Collection

5. They work in any decor.

The beauty of these animals is that they really do work in any child's room ... from soft, neutral rooms to the bold and colorful. And kids really don't grown out of them - they're enjoyable to look at no matter the age. With over 50 different baby animal options, you're sure to find the perfect selection that will delight your child! Consider honoring your family's heritage with animals native to your geography, or if your child is old enough, have them choose their favorite animals!

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